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Mr. Morgan’s Last Love: Bloopers.

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Are you a homosexual?

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I just want to take this time to say that Justin Kirk is so fine.

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Harper; “I’m a mormon.”
Prior; “I’m a homosexual.”
Harper; “In my church, we don’t believe in homosexuals.”
Prior; “In my church, we don’t believe in mormons.”

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"We are General Ludd. Our uprising against the undue influence of corporations on our government has begun. Today marks the beginning of a war. Our enemy? The oligarchs of corporate America, who have destroyed the middle class on whose backs this country was built. Our fight is for the soul of this country. There will be protests, violent uprisings, planes will fall from the skies, the corrupt corporate giants will be brought to their knees. So, as it begins, ask yourself, are you General Ludd?"

Blacklist 30 Day Challenge: Day 11 - Who was your favorite Blacklist criminal and why?

I’m obsessed with General Ludd. When the episode first aired, I must have watched it 10 times. They were so intriguing. I loved how they were a more extreme version of the Occupy movement. Everything - the masks, their methods, and especially the manifesto video they sent to the FBI - just drew me in. They were so interesting. I honestly wished their storyline could have lasted more than one episode.

Not to mention the quote above is literally one of my favorite, if not my absolute favorite, quote from the show so far.